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With Data Center Architecture specialisation, take advantage of the $67.9 billion market opportunity and contribute to your profitability. This specialisation provides an advanced level of knowledge and skill, allowing you to meet customers' diverse Data Center needs, including consolidation and virtualisation, private cloud computing, application or infrastructure-as-a-service and big data.

You can:

•    Acquire expertise in unified management, unified fabric and unified computing technologies
•    Increase profitability with unique incentives and trade-in programs and promotions
•    Open new streams of revenue by offering Cisco professional services
•    Use the Cisco Design Zone
•    Get recognised as a Data Center Architecture Partner in the Cisco Partner locator

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Specialisation requirements

•    Account Manager
•    Architecture Systems Engineer
•    Field Engineer 1 Unified Computing
•    Field Engineer 2 Unified Fabric

The field engineer cannot fill roles in other architecture specialisations (Borderless Network or Collaboration); however, one field engineer can fulfil up to 1 additional field engineer role (2 FE roles total) within the Data Center Architecture specialisation. Role sharing in technology specialisation(s) has no impact on architecture specialisation(s).

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