The Collaboration Architecture specialisation helps you solve customers' business challenges by delivering solutions to help connect customers, Partners and suppliers.

As a Collaboration Architecture Partner you demonstrate advanced expertise with the Cisco Collaboration Architecture, including unified communications, messaging and telepresence.

You can:

•    Realise bigger deals through a solution-based sales approach
•    Increase profitability by offering Cisco professional services and participating in incentive programs
•    Migrate customers' installed base through trade-in programs and promotions
•    Promote best-in-class capabilities and relationship with Cisco
•    Use the Cisco Design Zone for tested network designs and configurations


Specialisation requirements

•    Account Manager
•    Architecture Systems Engineer
•    Field Engineer

Account Manager: One qualified individual may fill only the account manager role in up to two architecture specialisations.

Architecture Systems Engineer: One qualified individual may fill only the Architecture Systems Engineer (ASE) role in up to two architecture specialisations.

Field Engineer: The person filling the Collaboration field engineer role, cannot fill roles in other architecture specialisations (Borderless Network or Data Center). Role sharing in technology specialisation(s) has no impact on architecture specialisation(s).


Looking to become an Express Collaboration specialised Partner? 
Please contact our Cisco Collaboration Team

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