We live in a hyperconnected world and expect information access anywhere, any way, any when! Increasingly demanding apps & applications such as Windows 10 and the need to deliver a seamless user experience are the perfect opportunity to start selling NVIDIA GRID supported by GPUs and Cisco’s unified computing system.

Run any application

Effctive Deployment. Virtual desktops and workstations are at the heart of every enterprise. They run the most critical business applications for mobile and office users everywhere.

...at full performance

Enhance Productivity and Insights. Increase effi ciency and user experience through the most graphically intensive operating systems, so as your customer’s business grows, so does your revenue.

...on any device

Improved Mobility Experience without Compromising Security. NVIDIA GRID and Cisco UCS solutions are helping transform the digital workplace and are a lucrative sales opportunity for you.

...wherever you are

Streamline Collaboration. Talk with your customers about infrastructure refresh and virtualisation. As this is linked to user numbers, licensing and subscription also creates renewal opportunities.

Start selling Nvidia Grid and Cisco UCS

Ingram Micro supporting you every step of the way! Learn more below

With the introduction of Microsoft Windows 10, a graphically intensive application, this has created the perfect opportunity to sell NVIDIA GRID and Cisco UCS!


Increase in user density with better performance*


Improvement in user experience**


Apps virtualised and can run fully featured


Business mobility by being able to use any device without compromising security

Many of those customers deployed Windows XP or 7 on older generation of Cisco UCS. With Microsoft pushing everyone to Windows 10 this provides a golden opportunity to talk with your customers about an infrastructure refresh. NVIDIA GRID supported by GPUs for virtual desktops running Win10 has become the new standard and to leverage the newer Virtual GPUs, customers need to be running on the new UCS platforms.

This creates the perfect compelling reason to start talking with your customers about an upgrade.

If you’re already discussing upgrades, it may be worth asking if they have any physical, graphic-intensive workstations for designers or engineers. This provides another great opportunity to talk with them about virtualising those workstations, leveraging NVIDIA GRID, Cisco UCS and the support of Ingram Micro.

Help customers start benefiting today from:

1. Improved user experience
2. Increased application performance
3. Better user collaboration opportunity and device mobility
4. Improved security across the infrastructure

Help your customers realise the Power of Virtualisation.

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* Elevating User Experience Through GPU Acceleration: A Windows 10 versus Windows 7 Analysis, IDC Lakeside Software White Paper, 2017
**NVIDIA user testing on a system with and without GPU, where users rated their experience and on every task rated the GPU experience higher than CPU only.

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